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I’m currently in the process of re-writing and editing the book I wrote for NaNoWrimo last year. As such, I thought I’d upload it as I went along for you all to comment, enjoy or critique. All feedback/comment is welcomed, and please feel free to share/pass it on!


Loitering in orbit over the planet was a single, small ship. All was still. Silence whispered with the galactic winds. The planet below was ignorant to the vessels existence. To Veo, battle cruisers had always seemed cumbersome, and as such an ignorance to his proximity was both vital and amiable. When on contracted missions such as these, his own vessel was much more preferred. Sleek, compact and deadly, many years had been spent by Veo creating his beauty and only true love in the universe. An almost infinite flow of money had allowed him to create the most feared, respected, but most importantly, advanced, vessels within The Company.



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